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Monday, December 31, 2012

Headed into 2013...

Wow!! 2012, how did you creep past? Sheesh... Its sure been a hectic, crazy, depressing year. My momma passed away ( R.I.P. Mommy) i found myself homeless with my boyfriend and four kids, and started with my sister for awhile. That was hectic, but somehow her and i made it work, and i think vendor of it her and i are allot closer. Cory and i eventually found a new gone that we have dove into head first in working on... WE Love it!! She just needs a little TLC, and were not afraid to do it. I was working worth a cab company, but i found myself in a situation that scared me bad enough to quit. Cory us working with home depot, that job has truly been a blessing to our family... Home depot treats their employees like family, and truly care... Cory and i are heading into 2013 with a strong relationship, and a sense of the life were working hard to build for our family. That makes me happy. Good truly blessed me when he put cory into my life...

Well on that note, happy new years everyone. party hard, and dont drink and drive. Ill be home with my family tonight!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Look how BIG my babies have gotten, Momma is sure proud!

Wow, it sure has been awhile hasnt it??? Alot has happened... I cought my EX husband having an affair with my best friend. (awesome I know) somehow I have found a way to be friends with both of them. I would like to add their little relationship lasted maybe a whole entire two months. That made me feel a little better. Anywhooooo, I am trying not to be bitter. I lost my baby Nephew Ti-ryn Keith, R.I.P. baby boy, shortly after that my ex boyfriend and friend joined my nephew in Gods kingdom. My children and I battled being homeless during that time, a whopping whole enitire ten months! We made it through stronger then before. I moved into a home, where i met my amazing boyfriend. he changed my life. HE WAS MY NEIGHBOR! yay me, not alot of woman can say they have a thing with the neighbor lol. THIS GIRL CAN!! haha! but seriously, he is the most amazing man I have ever known and I am very very lucky to have him by my side. Recently I lost my mother, on Easter of this year. Saddest scariest day of my life. I miss her more then I have ever missed a single person. She was my heart and soul and with out her I feel like I have lost a half of myself. A week after my mother passed, my Uncle Ted lost his battle with cancer. May they both rest in peace. Now my baby cousin Teddy is locked up for making a very grown up decision, and I fear I wont be able to be near him again. I love him so much, he is my baby cousin. Shortly after both my mother and his father passed him and I found ourselfs becoming very close. ( It is amazing how the loss of someone can bring people together.) I just recently found the Lord again, and I am happy to say that I am attending church regularly and loving every single minute of it.

ok ok ok ok thats enough for now. I am sure your bored to tears. Happy days friends!!

The "next door neighbor" and myself

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Sooo this is an odd blog but I have come to notice that I will eat just about anything, as long as its wrapped in this little thing called a tortilla. I dunno why but everything just taste better when they are all warped together in one of these little things. Seriously! Breakfast, in a tortilla... Lunch, quasadilla. Dinner, carne asada in a tortilla. Oh the joy!! lol. I don't know why I feel the need to talk about things like this, I just need to point this out.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Aaahhh the thought of driving in Federal Way makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs. It sucks ass... Like today today, headed to Erik's house to put the radiator for Ira's damn Camaro, (which is a story all its own.) I was sandwiched on a two lane freeway and a merge lane by a semi who had no where to go and a stupid driver who decided that the whole lane in front and behind him ( THAT WAS EMPTY!! ) just wasn't as good as keeping right at pace with me. It scared the living crap out of me. I cried like a baby when we finally got to Erik's house. The sad part of any kind of rough traffic i run into is my poor husband usually gets the shitty end of it. I yell at him, but he takes it like a man. Then on the way back some old lady ( I think extremely old people shouldn't drive) in a little red porche thing, with a license plate that said and I quote " It's red, It's fast, and It's all mine.", failed to use her blinker whenever she turned. Mind you she was in front of me and turned everywhere i was headed. I almost ran into the old broad at least four times... Finally she gets in a different lane then I, and of course failed with the blinker. I managed to get my window down in a fit of rage. ( THIS ISN'T EASY BY AN MEANS.) Then like any other road raged idiot I yelled at her. I managed to keep my finger down, it was hard. She just looked at me like a doe in the headlights. AAAGGGHHHHH!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Little Things

How in the world did I work up the courage to move two hours away from everything and everyone I know. It amazes me how simple it was. Don't get me wrong, I miss so many people and so many things about the Harbor. Did you know here you can barely smell the rain?? You know that smell when it first rains for the day, it's an amazing smell and I miss it so much. It really is the little things that you start missing when you leave home. I want my Casa Mia's back, and my Mazatlan, and the little taco shack behind it. I miss my old Jack in the Box, I know now I took that place for granted. Today, at the Jack I work at now, I got to clean stems from marijuanna up, fun right? No it isn't at all! I cry thinking about working there. Don't get me wrong, I loooove it here. I mean I can shop, and let me tell you I have. Everything is here!! The diversity is amazing, I mean really amazing! There are all sorts of people here. You do not have that in Aberdeen, or the Harbor.

Most of all I miss my mommy though. I think a visit home is due. Tomorrow I am going back to the Harbor. Maybe it will rain as soon as I get out of the car. I miss that smell so much. It follows right after my mom.