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Monday, December 31, 2012

Headed into 2013...

Wow!! 2012, how did you creep past? Sheesh... Its sure been a hectic, crazy, depressing year. My momma passed away ( R.I.P. Mommy) i found myself homeless with my boyfriend and four kids, and started with my sister for awhile. That was hectic, but somehow her and i made it work, and i think vendor of it her and i are allot closer. Cory and i eventually found a new gone that we have dove into head first in working on... WE Love it!! She just needs a little TLC, and were not afraid to do it. I was working worth a cab company, but i found myself in a situation that scared me bad enough to quit. Cory us working with home depot, that job has truly been a blessing to our family... Home depot treats their employees like family, and truly care... Cory and i are heading into 2013 with a strong relationship, and a sense of the life were working hard to build for our family. That makes me happy. Good truly blessed me when he put cory into my life...

Well on that note, happy new years everyone. party hard, and dont drink and drive. Ill be home with my family tonight!

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